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Lighting ServicesSkyrocketing electricity costs continue to have a significant negative impact on a business’s bottom line. Since the largest single component of a building’s electricity costs is lighting, it is becoming obvious to business owners and operations managers that reducing lighting costs is an urgent priority.

Province Electric Supply is uniquely positioned to help. Not only can our accredited Lighting Specialists deliver solutions that save you money, these solutions can positively impact other areas of your business …

Why upgrading your lighting makes smart business sense?

You can …

  • Save on energy;
  • Streamline efficiencies;
  • Reduce maintenance costs;
  • Reduce costs and mechanical stress on other energy-using equipment and systems in your building(s);
  • Enhance your building’s security and safety. New LED technologies are leading the way in this area;
  • Improve productivity: the right lighting helps employees feel more  positive and alert — extensive research supports this;
  • Ensure your company is compliant with government environmental and safety codes, regulations and initiatives;
  • Typical payback is under 2 years for most lighting upgrades;
  • Initial outlay is often significantly offset by energy rebates and  incentives offered by various levels of government.

Province Electric Supply’s Lighting Specialists are certified lighting professionals

Province Electric Supply Lighting Specialists

Our Lighting Specialists are professionals, certified to work on programs for all lighting currently in use across North America. They hold an LC, a professional credential that indicates they are qualified to apply fundamental lighting principles and techniques. They are also associates of the Illuminating Engineering Society. Founded in 1906, the organization is dedicated to promoting the art and science of quality lighting.

We develop Lighting Solutions for all industries
Our specialists work across all industries, developing lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications, including parking lots, arenas, tunnels as well as perimeter and architectural façade lighting. They are also qualified and trained to develop lighting solutions for hazardous environments.

AGi32 is one of the most widely used and respected professional lighting programs in North America and the technology of choice for Province Electric Supply specialists. The software is compatible with the well-known CAD program, which allows us to visually recreate your environment through rendered drawings, right down to the smallest lighting detail. This is a valuable benefit to Province Electric Supply upgrade customers; it allows you to understand the upgrade from a visual perspective. You not only see what the upgrade involves, we are able to visualize the final outcome for you. What you see, is what you get. Our customers love this aspect.

Province Electric Lighting ServicesWhat type of lighting solutions does Province Electric Supply offer?
Province Electric Supply’s Lighting Specialists perform a variety of Lighting Upgrades, e.g., a Lighting Retrofit, Renovation or Redesign and proposals for New Construction. All work is in keeping with the Ontario government’s SaveOnEnergy program mandates and guidelines. Our Lighting Specialists will also make sure you receive all of the government rebates and incentives you are entitled to (see below).

What does a Province Electric Supply Lighting Upgrade Involve?

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

We schedule an initial meeting where we discuss in general how a lighting upgrade can positively affect your bottom line and review initiatives you may have already taken in this area. We review your current electricity bills. The discussion will include current government regulations, codes and initiatives and provide general information on government energy saving rebates and incentives.

If you decide to go ahead, the next step is an on-site Lighting Audit.

Step 2: On-Site Audit
On-site Lighting Audit by Province Electric

We physically audit your facility to evaluate your current lighting and work toward developing an upgrade plan. This can include, but is not limited to:
a) Evaluate the age and condition of all current lighting fixtures
b) Note the quantity and type of fixtures (i.e. incandescent, fluorescent, etc.) including lamp models, wattage, voltage, ballast types, existing automated lighting controls and or systems
c) Evaluate the activities performed in the space to determine  the required level and quality of light required, as per established government mandates and guidelines
d) Record dimensions of the space(s)
e) Note environmental conditions as they relate to maintenance costs, e.g., lighting in an office space or lab environment will require less maintenance than lighting on a production floor in a dusty manufacturing environment
f) Accurately measure and assess current light levels to determine what will be required from the upgrade
g) Account for the evolution of your business by accommodating your future plans for growth, whenever possible

Step 3: The Plan: From Findings to Funding

Lighting PlanWe will assess our findings from the audit and present a detailed plan that includes:
a) Audit findings
b) Upgrade proposal
c) A financial analysis that balances project cost, payback  calculations and annual energy savings
d) Estimate of Energy Saving Rebates and incentives available to you through various levels of government

Step 4: Fulfillment

Once you accept the Province Electric Supply Proposal, we can begin arrangements for implementation that will include:
a) Hydro Application approval process
b) Ordering of materials and delivery arrangements
c) All Project Management
d) Original lamp and ballast disposal


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