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Fire Alarm Strobe Light
  • Integrated Photoelectric Smoke Alarm and Strobe Light
    One device includes both a photoelectric smoke alarm and a strobe light. Requires only one electrical box. Saves installation time.

  • Smart Strobe
    Works with BRK smoke, heat and CO alarms. Separate flash patterns to distinguish between smoke/heat or CO danger.

  • 177 Candela Xenon Light
    Powerful 177 candela xenon strobe light provides effective visual warning to awaken hearing impaired residents.

  • 1Hz Flash Rate
    60 flashes per minute meets ADA, ANSI 117.1, NFPA 72 and UL 1971 requirements for visual signaling devices.

  • Battery Backup
    Two AAA batteries provide backup for the smoke alarm during power outages. (Note: will not power the strobe light)

  • Meets ADA Requirements
    Meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Two Latching Features
    Alarm Latch - Visually identifies initiating alarm even after alarm condition is over. Low Battery Latch - Visually identifies which unit is in low battery condition.

  • Two Silence Features
    Temporarily silence low battery chirp for up to eight hours before replacing battery or silence an unwanted alarm for several minutes.

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